Haig Patigian    (Van, Armenia, 1876 - San Francisco, 1950)

was a very great American sculptor with works in the White House and Congress and all over the city of San Francisco.

Peter Garland spent fifteen years researching the sculptor's life and career and now leads two walking tours (with some bus riding) of Patigian's works around San Francisco (Patigian created more of San Francisco's statues than any other artist.)

The walks are offered, once-a-month from July through October or upon request for a group. Each walk lasts 2-3 hours. Cost is $20 or whatever you can afford*.

One walk begins in front of Haig Patigian's statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of San Francisco City Hall on Polk Street. BART Civic Center Station is nearby. The other begins at Patigian's Monument to the Volunteer Firemen on Columbus Avenue/Union Street at the edge of Washington Square Park in North Beach. The #30 Muni trolley bus stops right in front of this monument.



For further details contact Peter Garland at: 510-834-3617 or: Pgoakland@aol.com * All monies go to the Haig Patigian Fund, dedicated to publishing the novel The Firefighter, based on the life and career of sculptor Haig Patigian but set in San Francisco in the 1990's, and to the turning of that novel into a movie. Patigian's story is a great American, Armenian and San Francisco story, well worthy of a book and a movie. Come out and see! Join the fun now.



        HERE ARE SOME WORKS OF THIS GREAT MASTER and Article in The ARGONAUT - Journal of the San Francisco Historical Society


  General Pershing in Golden Gate Park, detail. General Pershing led the great American army that put an end to World War I in Europe. He kidded with Patigian that the American people were not yet ready to have him depicted in the nude in a statue.

"Nymph at Play" figure for a swimming pool, 1917


  "Creation" a fuller view. Copy today on Telegraph Hill. Original displayed at the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island.

"Invention (Man's Flight)" Panama Pacific International Exposition.































         Haig Patigian's Monument to the Volunteer Firemen, North Beach San Francisco,
        and guide Peter Garland with friend Leo Donian




The Firefighter by Peter Garland

Kelham’s Castles by Peter Garland

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